Can touch this: Two fun new haptic interfaces spotted at CES Unveiled



Touch interfaces don’t always have to look like the iPad, (s AAPL) or your smart phone, for that matter. That’s one of the lessons I took away from Sunday night’s CES Unveiled event, where dozens of companies showed off their gadgets and gizmos. At the press event, two things in particular caught my eye:

Think big: 3M shows off 84” multitouch table

3M showed off the prototype of a 84” multitouch table, which ran an app developed for a science museum, allowing users to manipulate objects and reveal information about them. I was told that the app actually is used in the wild, albeit on a somewhat smaller table. The one shown at CES Unveiled allowed around 40 simultaneous touch points, but 3M wants to get that number up to 100 to comfortably allow up to 10 people to play with the table.


3M has been working on these touch…

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